Round it up


Organic shapes in furniture and décor remain on trend in interior styling. These shapes are inspired by nature and are timeless, unbound by any exact dimension. Curvy furniture upholstered in soft, textured fabrics are very popular. Organic, curved shapes breaks up and softens the straight and angular lines of the total interior, especially if the home is built with a sleek, modern architectural style. Upholstered in soft, sumptuous fabrics, the furniture look more comfortable and inviting. Our stylists have used KOBE’s Easy & Safe upholstery fabrics to create this month’s look in this trend.

Colour Palette: 

Soft pastel tones of green, pink and blue are combined in this look complimenting the round, organic shapes. 



Keep it practically curvy

Stylish sofa’s, lounge chairs, tables, rugs and décor accessories in curvy, organic shapes are great to combine, and mix and match to create this look. Choose designs that complement their use and balance it out to keep it timeless and comfortable. Especially for sofa’s and chairs, make sure they sit comfortably.



Keep the colours in balance

An organic shaped sofa, lounge chair or seating will automatically become a statement piece. Depending on which colour scheme you are using in the room, it is up to you to soften the presence of this furniture or highlight it while choosing the colours. For an understated, timeless look, use the accent colours on décors that you can easily change and keep the bigger pieces like carpets and furniture in colours that you will not get tired of easily.



Go for the best

Choose durable fabrics with easy to clean properties. This gives you the freedom to go for lush velvets, teddy fabrics and soft, lighter colours without the worry of stubborn stains. Kobe’s Easy & Safe collections are designed for usage in both homes and commercial usage and are the best choices for your upholstery.