Sheer Trends


This month’s look sends a nod to open-weave sheers that are very much on trend now. These sheers are woven in an open construction with variety of binding techniques creating unique open-weave structures that maximizes natural light, filtering in beautifully diffused daylight in the room while giving the necessary privacy and protection from direct sunlight. As sheers they combine easily with different types of plains and patterned curtains to create beautiful window statements. We have featured our brand new sheer MALUS in this look in a warm coppery brown tone. With a unique open structure and a soft, natural touch, it is available in 10 colours.

Colour Palette:

This look uses a warm colour palette with tones of nude, beige and brown tones combined with taupe and darker wood tones. Copper accents in lighting and accessories add a touch of chic to the total palette.



Go for colours

A sheer doesn’t always have to be white, off-white or grey. Voiles and sheers can also be used to add colour to the room in a soft and subtle way. Go for a colour that works together with the curtains to make your desired colour palette. Taupe, nude, blue and soft metallic tones are beautiful way to give your windows a touch of colour and texture.



Drape from ceiling to floor

To emphasize and enhance the perceived height of the room, drape the voiles and curtains from the ceiling to the floor. Since all our sheers are wide-width and many can also be turned to use on both height and width, they can be easily adjusted to fit all room-heights.



Add a touch of shimmer

To create an understated glamour, choose a sheer with a slight shimmer. It will give that touch of chic without taking too much attention while giving a contemporary twist to the interior style.