Window Statement


First of all, a very HAPPY NEW YEAR from KOBE’s marketing team. Hope you had a enjoyable Christmas and end of year celebrations with your loved ones.

To kick start the looks for 2022, we thought, what better than to make a WINDOW STATEMENT. This look highlights what a statement piece curtain can be for a room. 

Our brand new TILIA has been used in this minimalistic and contemporary styled room creating a stunning interior statement. The curtains add a splash of colour and gives an artistic touch to the window, creating a stunning focal point in the room. The pattern, inspired by cellular structure of leaves sends a nod to the rest of the greenery in and around this house. Matching cushions bring the total colour palette to a balance.

Colour Palette:

Fluidly blending tones of blues, with accents of vibrant orange in the curtain act as a lively combination to the warm grey on the sofa, elegant natural basics of the naked cement walls and the beige wooden floors and ceilings.




Give your room a flair with patterns

Patterned curtains add a flair to the room and add a visual excitement, especially to minimalistic rooms. Choose a pattern that adds to the décor of the room and speaks to your style. With the right design and colour combination, patterned curtains can also be timeless and fit all seasons.



Keep it complemented

Balance a bold pattern curtain by letting the patterns come back in your cushion, using complementing smaller patterns and colours in the rest of the décor. Mixing patterns and textures in appeasing colour tones create stunning interior styles, monochromic chic to eclectic bohemian. 
To keep a minimalistic feel, keep the rest of the furnishing less outspoken in terms of patterns and colours. If you are mixing more patterns in one room, keeping the colours in the same tonal family offers a restful balance.



Choose the curtains first!

Redoing your room and thinking of a patterned curtain? Choose your curtains first, especially when you have a special colour combination on the design of the curtain. It is easier to find a matching paint colour once you have your curtain choice settled. Take care that the colour of the walls allow the curtain to be the focal point while blending the rest of the room cohesively.