Comfy corner

For this month’s look, our stylists have created a comfy corner. A comfy corner is where one can rest, relax and enjoy being home. As days get shorter and the weather turns into winter, a warm, cosy comfy corner is a space to put up your feet and recharge, doing what relaxes you the most – catch up on your reading, listen to your favourite music, have a chat with someone or just lounge and gather your thoughts.
Our stylist have gone for a chic, stylish comfy corner with comfortable lounge chairs inviting us to take a break and have some “me time”, in style. Comfort is front and centre with a snug, soft fauteuil and rocking chair upholstered in our stain-free upholstery NICKEL with a foot-stool in TEATRO velvet. The setting gets a touch of exotic glamour with Germaine and the décor accessories.

Colour Palette:

A sophisticated and warm colour palette is used in this look highlighting deep, rich tones. Rich shades of gold and lush tones of green are combined with anthracite creating a luxuriously elegant feel.


Style to your taste

Check that your comfy corner matches your personal style. It is your personal space, meant to give you a feeling of total relaxation. If the comfort corner is a part of your living room, it is your choice to match, compliment or contrast the style to the rest of the room. A visually appeasing total look is the goal. There are no rules, it is your choice.



Comfort is king

It is not a  comfy corner without a comfortable seating. There are many options; a lounge chair, winged chairs, futon, recliner, rocking chair, ottoman or chaise lounge. No matter what you choose, make sure it sits comfortably. Use fabrics that enhance the comfort level of the furniture. Soft, textured fabrics are great for lounge chairs. Easy to clean, durable upholstery fabrics will make sure you can use your furniture without worry of wear and tear.



Let there be the right light

With the best of styling, the wrong lighting will still ruin the vibe of your comfy corner. A soft, ambient mood lighting will add to the cosiness of the setting. Using dimmer switches and wall lights can give you flexible lighting options for your comfy corner. If you are planning to use it for reading, add a reading lamp to give the right light. If your comfort corner is situated next to a window and receives day-light, use the combinations of transparents/in-betweens and curtains to maximize day-light usage and keep privacy.