Easy & Safe for Upholstery


This month our look is based on our EASY & SAFE upholstery collections. Easy to clean, flame retardant upholstery fabrics in natural touch and a wide range of colours are on trend for both household and commercial use. 
Whether it is a busy household with children, pets or family gatherings or a restaurant or a hotel lobby, keeping the upholstery clean and stain-free is not only possible, but also as easy as it can get with this new stain-free technology.  
Our stylists have created an “after party” vibe in this look – spills and stains are inevitable, but very easy to clean!

Colour Palette:

This look features a soft colour palette with pastel tones of pink and mint green. Accents of rich chestnut brown serves as a warm grounding tone to balance and give depth to this palette. 


Combining Pastels

Pastel colours create a soft and calming look. They combine easily with each other and other colours. Combining pastels with white and brighter colours will add more radiance. Combine pastels with warm earthy tones to add depth. The warmer colours will make the pastels come alive. For spaces with a lot of neutrals like greys or earth tones, adding few accents of pastel tones will uplift the room. For monochromatic pastel palette combine a range of shades together in different textures and patterns.



Upholstery cleaning tips

With our easy to clean fabrics, light coloured upholstery is not a worry anymore. For substantial stains like mud, ketchup, jam, yoghurt etc., first remove the stain residue with a spoon. Most stains are easily cleanable with just water. Always consult our cleaning instructions before you clean these fabrics.



Velvets stay in

Velvets are timeless and work with any style and season. As curtains, velvets have a luxurious volume and an elegant drape. Soft, sumptuous velvets upgrade furniture to a higher level with their rich texture and colour depth. Mix velvets with other fabric textures and patterns in your styling scheme to create stunning interior statements.