Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


This month, our look is based on our recycled sheer MOSA FR. It is woven with recycled Polyester FR yarns. Besides being an absolute necessity for our planet, recycling and upcycling also offer creative styling opportunities. This look visualizes the story of our MOSA.
Plastic bottles are collected and recycled to create these yarns, upgraded with flame retardant properties and a natural linen look and feel. The resulting fabric has a beautifully natural linen touch in soft natural colours.

Colour palette: 

For this moodboard, we have focused on tones of grey and blue. Grey and blue are timeless, versatile colours that work well with other colours allowing for easy restyling and new combinations with existing furniture.



Go for sustainable interior design

Select eco-friendly products and practices for your interior projects. Choose products that are recycled, natural, durable, or easily recyclable. Invest in quality products with timeless styles that are easy to maintain and update or restyle. 



Go energy efficient

Examples of Energy efficient interior design are energy saving lighting, proper insulation for windows, doors, rain water usage and water preservations, using solar energy and so on.  Efficient use of space and day-light will help maximize sustainability. Preserving natural resources everywhere possible is a key to a sustainable future.



Get creative: upcycle and transform

Get creative with existing pieces of interior furniture or décor. Look for possibilities of interior transformation without discarding items that can be given a new look. Reupholstering a piece of furniture, a new coat of paint or restyling for example give creative opportunities with added sustainability value.