Bohemian Beach picnic


Summer has finally arrived! And for most of us, it also brings more freedom to do things we have missed – meet and gather with friends and family, outdoor life and going places easily. Cherishing small pleasures of life has never been more important than now. 
Our stylists have created this bohemian beach picnic to celebrate summer and all the good things about summer – long days, sunlight, sea, sand, good weather, getting together and enjoying life outdoors. This look has an easy going, relaxed vibe with accent on the typical boho spirit; inviting you to sit down and stay a while.



Go Boho

Boho-chic is as appealing for interiors as it for outdoors. Combine natural textures, eclectic patterns and materials combined in  a cosy, personal setting. Relaxed, inviting, comfortable and eclectic are the key words for this look. 
Wicker baskets, planters, rustic rugs, wooden furniture, low level seating, floor pillows or shag poufs and plants are great accessories for a boho-chic look.



Colour choices

Bohemian style allows a wide and endless variety of colour and pattern combination. We have opted for a neutral palette with subtle accent of chic. You can then add a splash of colour here and there to add colour accents.

Alternatively, you can go for a colourful bohemian look, combining bright colours, patterns and textures in an exciting and eclectic mix.



Patterns and Textures

Combining patterns and textures is key to this look. Mix unique, ornamental or ethnical designs in natural textures and colours, creating a layered look and feel.