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Ultimate grey and Illuminating yellow : Pantone Colour of the year


This month’s look we take inspiration from Pantone’s colours of the year. Two independent colours chosen together to convey a message of happiness supported by fortitude, strength and positivity. 

Ultimate grey and Illuminating yellow come together bringing to a story of deep thoughtfulness and a promise of something sunny and friendly. A solid, dependable grey is livened up with a vivacious, warming yellow, creating a beautiful message that encourages and uplifts the human spirit.

Colour Palette:

In this look we have combined various elements in shades of yellow and grey together giving a sturdy yet playful vibe.


Warm and Sunny colours!

Summer is the perfect time to add warm, sunny colours in your interior. Grey and yellow go well to create a balance of solid and playful highlights.



Layer and check

When working with two individual colours it is best to make sure there are complementing colours that brings it all together, shades within the same colour groups help create fluent flows from one element to the other.



Statement pieces

Looking for that sunny statement in your room? Upholstering a centre-piece of furniture in a bright yellow colour can already boost the room with the sunny vibes.