Timeless Velvets


This month we are featuring our brand new wide-width velvet REFLECTION in our look. 

Velvets are timeless and remain on-trend for interior decoration, be it curtains, upholstery or cushions. Velvets are known for their lush piles and how they absorb colours richly to create deep, lustrous hues. This makes velvets ever popular as a fabric for all interior styles. 
Here we have gone for a simply elegant look with a touch of vintage, combining unique statement pieces of accessories with timeless velvets.

Colour palette:

A relaxed elegance is created by combining soft powder pink with grey and anthracite. The clean white walls and statement lamp together with the modern black window frames add a modern contrast to the vintage chic styled sofas, chairs and carpet. 



High ceilings and tall windows? No problem!

Reflection can be draped both on its width as height so it is usable for seamless curtains on windows of all sizes. Many of KOBE’s curtains can be turned for higher than 3 mtr windows. Check our pricelists and website to see which of our wide-widths can be turned to use on higher windows.



Velvets for upholstery

Velvets make for elegant upholstery fabrics for all styles of furniture. For a naturally matte look, go for VOLTERRA, MONZA CS or TOUR FR. For a more shiny effect, go for TEATRO or PAXTON FR.  



Patterns & Colours

KOBE’s velvet library offers many different velvets in a wide array of colours, textures and patterns. Combine and mix-match to create beautiful combinations in velvets for your interior styling.