Surfaces and Textures


This month we base our look on KOBE’s new  collection Surfaces. The collection takes inspiration from different natural surfaces and textures with a keen focus on capturing the intricate details and layers of natural matters. A clean, contemporary chic style is achieved with a mix of materials and colours.

In this look seamless surfaces in different textures are the highlights – the smooth marble kitchen counter,  the seemingly carved-out wooden table and chairs, the smooth cemented floor, statement lighting and of course the wide-width FOSSIL from our new collection sewn seamlessly to fit the windows. The marble pattern on Fossil with intricate metallic details meets the smooth marble pattern on the counter in a chic harmony.

Colour palette: 

A mix of warm and cool colours are combined to create this look. Soft natural tones of beige, sand and grey are paired with warmer rusty brown tones and framed with tones of black and white. The metallic colours in the fabric add a touch of chic to the modern combination in the interior.


Large, wide windows? 

For wider windows, both with plains and patterns it is best to go with a wide-width fabric to have a seamless drape. Hang the curtain from ceiling to floor to accentuate the height of the room. 


Metallic highlights

Use fabrics or accessories with metallic details to add a touch of lustrous chic, especially when the rest of the styling is minimalistic. 


Tone on tone earth tones

The layering of complementing tones in textural depth gives an elegant, harmonious result. Combine tone in tone earth tones with different textures to create a sophisticated look.