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Let the (happy) new year begin!


First of allFirst of all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR from our Marketing & Styling team.

Leaving behind a sombre 2020, we have stepped into 2021 with an enthusiastic optimism for a better year for everyone. New year brings new collections at KOBE, and we are happy to take inspiration from one of our favourite from this launch – CERAMIC. A brand new 100% natural velvet in a fetching colour palette.
A contemporary setting in the interior with the elevated ceilings, striking white walls, contrast of cement and wood on the floor, and wooden ceiling give this fabric a perfect backdrop to blend in and stand out at the same time.
a very HAPPY NEW YEAR from our Marketing & Styling team.

Colour palette:

This colour palette mixes soft and warm variated tones of the terra and peach with sophisticated neutrals like brown, greys and black. The contrast of the white with the warm colours of wood gives a balanced feel for a clean, uncluttered setting.


Colour mix

The fabric Ceramic is available in 4 colourways, and each has an alluring combination of hues that blend into each other in a perfect harmony. This gives a choice of many variations in colour combination in your interior styling. Balance out the complementing and contrasting colours to create unique interpretations of your personal statement.


Accessorize with personal style

A contemporary interior style doesn’t have to feel “empty”. Accessories with personality and style that reflect you and your interior style add a touch of personal statement to your interior. Whether it’s a painting or a vase or an assortment of books and decorative pieces, use the pieces to tell your story.


Matching plains

Ceramic is usable as both curtains and upholstery. It can be matched with many of our plains, including matching velvets that can be used together to create stunning interior styles. Make beautiful colour combinations with Scala, Volterra or other plains like Chacar, Levanto or Potenza.