It’s Christmas time


In December, it is our tradition to base the look on Christmas.

This year December brings with it a Christmas with a deep realization of what is really important in our lives; good health, family and loved ones, freedom, a sense of well-being, trust and hope. For many of us, Christmas is not just a holiday but also a celebration with light, laughs and enjoying the festivities to the fullest with our families and friends. While the current situation asks for a subdued celebration and social distancing without the usual hustle and bustle of Christmas markets, shopping and coming together, the feeling of Christmas and year end remains special. Let’s all celebrate what we hold dear to us, in whichever way we can, with positive vibes and new hopes.

Colour palette:

For this look we have chosen a warm and intimate colour palette, mixing tones of burnt orange with turquoise blue and creme. Chic Earth tones on the service set and décor bring these two colours together and create a beautiful setting.


Warm colour tones

Mix earth tones with warm accent colours to create a chic ambiance. The vividness of burnt orange in this look enhances the warm neutral tones in the décor. 



Upcycle with Easy to clean upholstery

Looking to reupholster any furniture soon? Use KOBE’s FibreGuard range of upholstery fabrics to have stain-free sofa’s and chairs. Most of the stains can be easily cleaned with just water. 


Natural looks and materials

Natural décor accessories like dried flowers and pampas plumes are very much on trend. They come in wide range of pastel toned to vivacious dyed colours and are completely eco-friendly.