Autumn blossoms


As autumn arrives around us, we are surrounded by a beautiful natural transition. The weather is just right, to still enjoy the outdoors with a hint of cooler days to come. Outside the nature does its magic with leaves turning colours, the calm rustle of these leaves moving with  playful cool breeze and an explosion of colourful autumn blooms adding a nostalgic fragrance to the air. An invitation to enjoy the nature and cherish the last days of summer.
This month we are inspired by the blossoms that bloom around autumn; the colours and vibes of a new season.

Colour Palette

Hues ranging from intense plum and magenta to soft tones of  blush pink, lavender and lilacs are combined to translate the colours of autumn blossoms in this look. Colour tones that are complementing each other create a harmonious and appealing feel.


Velvets enhance colours

Velvet is great for all interior styles and is the perfect addition to your autumn décor. The rich pile of velvets absorb colours and enhance their intensity and depth. Velvets work great with rich, warm colours like magenta and plum, intensifying and adding a luxurious lustre. 


Layer colours, textures and patterns

Monochromatic colour mixing create tonal movement and harmony. Balance is the key. Make sure the accented colours stand out through texture and patterns in the right amount. Create a varied but complementing mix of textural fabrics and go for patterns that bring the palette together. Add a bouquet of autumn blossoms for a finishing touch.


Fabric choices

Looking to recreate similar looks? Our timeless velvets like Scala, Teatro and Volterra offer a wide colour choice for tonal variations. Combine patterns like Monroe and Breeze with plains like Chacar, Potenza and Levanto. Evelyn, Lucy and Lillian complement each other to add beautifully symmetric pattern combination for a touch of classics and art-deco.