A blank canvas


This month, Kobe are taking inspiration from the magic of colours and what they offer to our surroundings, interiors and mood. Colour choice is personal and the colours around us can affect our moods. 

Colour Palette:
For Interior Designers, colour preference and palettes is one of the first subjects when meeting a new client. 

This month’s look is inspired by a blank canvas, inviting us to add colours as we wish. 


Where to start

Whether it is colour layering or colour contrasting, you can play around with different ideas by choosing materials and compositions for your interior décor, seeing what works for you. 


Colours set the mood

Colours also change with the type of light – natural daylight or artificial lighting, colour perception changes with the intensity and type of light being used. 


A little bit of colour can go a long way

By changing a small part of your room, adding/changing some colours, can make it look completely different.  Accessories such as scatter cushions, footstools and throws are easily changed bringing new colours at an instant.